Makita BL1830X2 package of two BL1830 18v 3.0ah Li-Ion batteries

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Makita BL1830X2:

     BL1830 Battery 3.0AH Li-ion 18v
     Lightweight and shock-absorbing.
     The Li-ion range provides 430% more working capacity during its lifetime compared to Ni-Cad and is 40% lighter than Ni-MH.
     The Li-ion has minimal depletion of the current during use or in storage during life.
     Foam cell technology.
     Slide on the battery - hold firmly with multiple contacts and shock-absorbing packaging, will not pass on and stay cool even in heavy use.

Makita BL1830X2:

     Voltage - 18v
     Battery Capacity - 3.0Ah
     Battery chemistry - Li-Ion
     2 x 18v 3.0ah LXT lithium-ion battery pack.